Barony of Ebonmarr

Knight-General Daladin Stormbreaker

Warden of Ebonmarr

Squire Lhyrys Stormbreaker

Squire of Ebonmarr

Squire Bodvar Forgesworn

Squire of Ebonmarr 

Barony of Ebonmarr

Lying south of the vast open lands of Simoondale and west of the swampy marshes of Adron, the Barony of Ebonmarr resides in the foothills of the former Windarr Mountains. A land mostly untouched by the raging wars of the last few years, the denizens of Ebonmarr pride themselves on their generally friendly nature and outgoing personalities. 

The western town of Brynn, which used to be a small trading town surrounded by the Tolson Marsh, has grown to a fairly bustling center of trade and export with our neighbors to the west, the peaceful Inarri and the strange and eternal denizens of Maerlon. 

Taking its name from the most notable feature in the central region of Ebonmarr, the town of Tri-Lakes plays home to a large Hobling community, though all are welcome. The many shore dwellers of this area have taken to sharing their knowledge of boating and sailing with the boatmakers taking residence in Meddlar. 

In the north, scarcely a stone's throw from Glavorn, is the capital City of Ebonmarr, Bernost. Given its proximity, many of the aristocrats and elites make this location their home. Bernost is a city given over to the arts and and scholarly pursuits.


Central to the barony lies the city of Alon. Known primarily for the ancient artifacts called the "Towers of Alon", these 12 ancient towers ring the area, each seemingly dedicated to a different element. Many strange and powerful forces have made use of these towers over the years, leading to a large Circle presence in the area. While these towers have been toppled or destroyed over the years, they seem to continue reforming of their own volition. Access to these towers has been restricted by decree of the King, only provided to those whom receive permission from the King or Circle, and notify the Knight-General. 

Recently founded by Knight-General Stormbreaker, the foundling city of Tulane on the southern border of Ebonmarr has seen rapid growth due to its placement on the border of the two nations to the south, Maerlon and Markivia. While a large number of citizens have flocked to the area from all three countries due to the opportunities, the presence of the Knight-General's personal troops, The Phoenix Guards, have maintained order. 

A second new village just south of Tri-Lakes has also sprung up, mainly due to refugees from Kulkodar, who have aided in the rapid construction of both towns. While no official name has been registered for this village, its denizens have been cheerful and helpful to all they seem to come across. 


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