PRO Local Game Rules

The Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization and NERO National will occasionally update these documents to reflect organizational growth and player feedback. 

We encourages you to periodically review these documents.

NERO LARP Rule Book 9th Edition

Below is a link to download the NERO LARP 9th Edition Rule Book. There is a lot of great information contained in it's pages. The rules can be a bit overwhelming for a new player. We do not expect new players to know everything in the book before their first event. A review of the game skills and how they work will go a long way, but our New Player Training will get you started with everything you need to know to have fun at your first event. 

FREE Download NERO® LARP Rule Book® 9th Edition.
FREE Download NERO® LARP Rule Book® 9th Edition. ~ERRATA~
FREE Download NERO LARP Formal Magic System 9th Edition.

Note: The 9th Edition Rule Book is a large (64.93 MB) file. Please allow ample time for the file to fully download.

NERO LARP Business & Game Policy 9th Edition
Additional rules Clarifications, Errata, and Policies of NERO National.

Policy and Rules Clarifications©
Policy: NERO LARP National Member and Database Policies©
Policy: Available National & Chapter Services©
Policy: Cast On The Fly
Policy: General NERO© FAQ
Policy: Generic Component Numbers©
Policy: Glossary of NERO Related Terms©
Policy: Latex Weapon Playtest Announcement
Policy: Mission Statement
Policy: National Adjudication©
Policy: National Cheating & Metagaming©
Policy: National Marshall Definitions©
Policy: National Member Code of Conduct©
Policy: National Message Board Posting©
Policy: NERO Cross Chapter Promotion©
Policy: NERO LARP National Goblin©
Policy: Sportsmanship©
Policy: Staff & Volunteer Guidelines©

NERO National Game Rules

Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization


Game Rules Specific to the Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization
Note: A signed PRO Medical-Legal Release form is required to be completed by all participants. Participants under 18 must have this formed signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to participation.

PRO Medical-Legal Release (Adult)

PRO Medical-Legal Release (Minor)

PRO Check-In Policy

PRO Golem Package v5.5

PRO Transform Package v3.1

9th Edition Playtests currently used at PRO.

NERO LARP Race Changes V1.2