Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization


Required Release Forms

​​​​​​The Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization has its own set of rules for game play. Below is a link to download the PRO LARP Rule Book. 


Characters Transferring from Another System
Characters transferring to the PRO system from another LARP will get an additional amount of XP upon submitting a character sheet from their original LARP. Please contact the GM (
prolarp.gm@gmail.com) for information about transferring. 

All new characters created in the Pro system will be from Elysia, barring special circumstances with Plot permission. Contact the Head Storyteller (proplots@gmail.com) for questions regarding lore and backstory.

A signed PRO Medical-Legal Release form is required to be completed by all participants. Participants under 18 must have this formed signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to participation.

PRO Medical-Legal Release (Adult)

PRO Medical-Legal Release (Minor)

The Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization will occasionally update these documents to reflect organizational growth and player feedback. 

We encourage you to periodically review these documents.

The PRO LARP Rules System