The Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization has its own set or rules for game play. Below is a link to download the PRO LARP Rule Book. 

PRO LARP Rules System v1.4 

Characters Trasferring from NERO
Characters transferring to the new system from NERO will get an additional amount of XP based upon the level of the character at the time of transfer. Level 1-20 = 10xp, Level 21-40 = 20xp, Level 41-60 = 30xp, and Level 60+ = 40xp. This bonus to your character will only be available for the first game year. Players transferring after the last event of 2019 will not receive these bonuses.

All Magic Items, Magic on your spirit, transforms and production is lost in the changes in Magic that occur between transferring from the NERO system to the PRO system. Gems and coins from NERO can be used in the PRO system. When you transfer your character into the PRO system. Goblin Stamps up to a value of 2000 can be transferred and changed to PRO Points (PP). Anyone transferring after 2019 will not receive these bonuses.

To transfer your character(s) you must attend, as a PC, a PRO event during the 2019 season, anytime after that and you will have to begin as a base, starting character. You need only attend one event to transfer any number of characters.
When transferring from NERO to the PRO system you may, as you wish, keep your character and prior history from NERO or you may take your XP and create a new character.

During the 2019 Season the Mists of Elysia, a Highly Magical Phenomenon, is in effect. These Mists allow a player to change any and all aspects of their character during the year without ill effect. This means you can change your race, and class before every event as you wish. You may only do this during an event with special permission from the PRO Marshalls. Final changes you may wish to make to your character must be done before the last event of the 2019 Season. You may also, once, before the last event decide to take your character and completely change it, name, race, class, history, etc.. before the last event of the 2019 Season.

Any and all character histories involving the new world must be approved by the Head Storyteller (Todd Sylvester).

A signed PRO Medical-Legal Release form is required to be completed by all participants. Participants under 18 must have this formed signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to participation.

PRO Medical-Legal Release (Adult)

PRO Medical-Legal Release (Minor)

The Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization will occasionally update these documents to reflect organizational growth and player feedback. 

We encourages you to periodically review these documents.

The PRO LARP Rules System

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