Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization


Board of Directors

PRO has an excellent all volunteer staff and we are ready to help you in anyway!

General Management:      generalmanager@pittsburghroleplaying.com
General Manager - Kris Hayes
Assistant General Manager - Janelle Hayes

Plot Management:      plotstaff@pittsburghroleplaying.com
Head Plot Director - Todd Sylvester
Plot Committee Members - Eric Benko, David Libengood, Seth Hough, Archie Kennedy, Devon McCullough, Kate Mueller 

Head Marshal - Kris Hayes
Head Adjaudicator - David Libengood
Sportmenship Marshal - Justin Moskal
Additional Marshals - Janelle Hayes, Todd Sylvester, Jared Myers
Character Records Administration:     database@pittsburghroleplaying.com 
Character Records Manager - Joanna Jarvis

Logistics Management:
Head Logistics Manager - Kris Moore
Production Managers - Ron Goldie & Devon McCullough
Player Assistance:     playerrep@pittsburghroleplaying.com
Head Player Representative - Devon McCullough

Site Management:
Site Manager - Joanna Jarvis

PRO Photographer:
Lindsey Hydock, Lindsey Michelle Images

PRO Staff Members

The Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization is managed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may be reached via email at prolarp@yahoo.com​

Chairman of the Board - Eric Benko

Vice Chariman - Janelle Hayes

Secretary - Janelle Hayes
Treasurer - Todd Sylvester
Director - Kris Hayes
Director - Ron Goldie
Director - Devon McCullough

​Director - Kris Moore