Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization


New Players Get Their First Event FREE!!

We know that getting involved in your first LARP event can be overwhelming. Our friendly and knowledgeable volunteer staff is available to answer any questions you may have. 

Parent F.A.Q.

Parents often have concerns about letting their teens spend the weekend with a new group of people. We've developed a Parent F.A.Q. to give Moms and Dads more information about what goes on during a weekend. 

Need Help?

Hello New Adventurer!

We have an in-game New Adventurer's Guide for what to expect in our world! It includes a basic rundown of every class and their flavors, as well as some basic lore that your character would know. 

We also have a new out-of-game Larp Guide, primarily for anyone who has never played ANY larp before. It contains a lot of information about common terms and concepts that more experienced players take for granted. 

Neither of these books is required reading to play PRO, they're just there for the sake of knowledge. 

New Player Guides

Please allow the PRO staff to guide you as you prepare for your first gather. There are many things to be aware of before you even set foot on the campsite. Please refer to the other pages of our website for a lot of useful tips and information.

The following is designed to help you prepare the Out-of-Game (OOG) items you will need for attending an event.  

Pricing, Event Dates and Preregistration

Players who are new to PRO will receive their first event FREE! The event dates and prices are located in the Events section of our website. The final date for pre-registration is the Friday one week before the event. To register in advance, please email our staff at prolarp.gm@gmail.com (New Players only please)

The Rule Book

The rule book is located in the Game Rules section of PRO’s website. It is recommended, but not required, that you become familiar with the rule book before you attend an event. If nothing else, you should definitely become familiar with the spells and their effects (and incants if you are a caster). Even if you only have a vague idea of what the spell does, it will help you in the long run. Upon check in, you will be directed to the Logistics area. This is where you will build your character, get your starting equipment, and have your weapons checked for safety. 

New Adventurer Training

New Adventurer Training is required for all players for their first three events. New Player Training starts immediately after opening ceremonies in the Tavern. At New Adventurer Training, we will discuss the rules, safe combat instructions, spells, death/dying, and several important issues. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. Please have your white headband with you at opening ceremonies. New Adventurer training will be both in and out of game. 

The Medical Release Form

All players are required to have a Medical/Legal Release Form on file in order to participate. Minors must complete the MINOR Medical/Legal Release and have the form signed by a parent or legal guardian. WE’RE SERIOUS! We are so serious it has its own section! If you check “Yes” to either of the questions on the Medical/Legal Release form, please notify the head EMT of these conditions before the start of the event.


If food is not provided at events, there are refrigerators for you to bring your own meals. However, you will need to bring everything to cook/eat your meal with… there are absolutely NO utensils. (This is at both sites.) There is a stove with an oven and sinks. If you put your food in the refrigerator, please put your name on it to avoid confusion. You will also need to bring your own drinks and snacks, if you want them.

Sleeping Accommodations

Cabins are assigned on a first come first served basis, except for buildings that are in a specific location In-Game. The cabins are two or four person cabins with beds that are wire springs or plywood boards with no mattress. Please bring bedding. This is a summer camp site so there is no heat! There is only one electrical outlet and light in each cabin. (Note: Heaters are not permitted.) It can get very cold at this site at night, especially during early spring or late fall events. It is suggested to bring extra blankets. Also, the bathrooms are in their own individual facilities.


Below please find a few packing suggestions:

Sleeping bag & extra blankets 
Pillow (with old pillow case)
Any necessary medication (Any medications –especially prescriptions- need to be labeled and in the original containers)
Chargers for electronics

Socks (lots of socks!) & underwear
Sleep clothes (always bring warm sleep clothes even if the weather is supposed to be nice)
Black shirt & sweatpants (if NPCing)
Hoodie or sweatshirt
In-Game garb (if PCing) IG garb = medieval shirts, pants, sash, tabard, etc. Anything that your PC would wear that is “in period” and doesn't look like street clothes. 
A set of clean clothes (and shoes) for the ride home

Belt with pouch(es)
Packets (if PCing) – for your first event 20-40 should be plenty
White headband – this is mandatory! If you die and become a spirit, you will wear your white headband.
Boffer weapons (if PCing or if you want to use your personal reps)
Armor (if PCing or if you want to use your personal reps)
Duct tape

Makeup (if necessary) 
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Bug Spray
Shampoo, soap, and a towel (if you plan to shower)

Food (there are refrigerators and freezers at the overnight site, but usually not at 1-day sites)
Water (individual bottles or a refillable bottle are good ideas - you’ll want to carry water around with you)
Energy drinks, soda, orange juice, etc - consider bringing something that will wake you up!

- Black with no graphics or text is always a good idea for clothing if you are NPCing.
- It does get chilly in the evenings so please bring warm clothes to wear under your costume clothes. 
- It’s helpful to make a list of every piece of costuming that you need, so you don’t forget an important piece at home.

We hope you found this information useful in planning for your first event. If you have any questions about PRO, the rules, or anything else you may think of, please feel free to contact us.