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How to Make Spell Packets

1.) PRO does NOT allow birdseed packets at Raccoon Creek State Park Events. Packets must be made of airsoft pellets (biodegradable preferred) Pellets should be 6mm in size and .12g in weight. Each packet should contain 1/2 tbs or approx. 35 pellets. 

2.) When making birdseed packets, for non-Raccoon events, the birdseed in the packets must NOT contain any sunflower seeds or other large or sharp items. And the amount of birdseed in each packet should be approx. 3/4 of a tablespoon.

3.) Spell packets can be any color except orange or yellow. Orange packets are reserved for gasses and yellow packets are reserved for arrows.

 Thank you to NERO SWV for sharing this video!

Dracolich Event Recap

By: Tyler Moore

*Music may contain explicit language*