Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization


Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​F.A.Q. By New Players

Q: How do I contact Pro or spend xp/Pro Points?

A: There are four emails commonly used for Pro: 

prolarp.gm@gmail.com - for general questions and spending Pro Points.

prolarpsheets@gmail.com - for spending xp and getting access to your character sheet online.

proplots@gmail.com - for plot-related things like backstory questions and personal plot requests.

prolarp.playerrep@gmail.com - for comments, concerns, and suggestions.

The Contact form is also a great way to get in touch with us!

Q: What do I need to bring to my first event?

A: There are several things that will be important to bring to your first event. Probably the most important is comfortable boots. There is a comprehensive list in the New Players section of our website. 

Q: Do I have to know all the rules?

A: No, you do not need to know ALL the rules. Death and Dying, along with your character's abilities, will be the best things to become familiar with. There will be a variety of people available through out the event to help answer any questions you may have. 

Q: Will there be people to help me?

A: Absolutely! PRO has many staff members on site during the event to answer your questions. These staff members are announced at opening ceremonies so that you know who they are before game play starts. You can also see a list of staff here.

Q: Do I have to PC my first event?

A: We prefer that players PC their first event. There is a certain "magic" lost by NPCing your first event, and the game is a bit easier to learn when you only have your character card to memorize. Having said that, we realize that there are many reasons you might want to NPC and do not require anyone to PC their first event.

Q: Is food provided at the events?
A: Food is currently not being provided by PRO. Please bring your own food, which can be stored in the on-site refrigerators and freezer. There is a kitchen with sinks, running water, and a stovetop. 

Q: What is your clean up policy?
A: ALL players who participate at PRO events are REQUIRED to do a 30 minute clean up in addition to cleaning up their own personal space. This 30 minute cleanup can only be given to players by the designated Site Manager(s) or the kitchen staff. Cleanup duties include, but are not limited to: packet pickup, mod area cleanup, trash pickup, etc. Cleanups may be done at any point during the event or after the event has ended. Traveling players should consider doing their cleanup in the mornings or around meal times so that they can leave at a timely manner when the event is over.  This cleanup must be signed off on your character sheet by the person issuing your cleanup. Event and other PRO staff do NOT have the ability to assign tasks.  Failure to participate in cleanup is a violation of the PRO Sportsmanship Policy and may result in a ban from future PRO sponsored events.

Q: Where is the closest airport?
A: The Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is less than 20 miles from the campsite. 

Q: Are there any hotels nearby?
A: There are several hotels located just beyond the Pennsylvania boarder in Weirton, WV, which is less than 20 minutes from the camp site. The hotels include Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, and Fairfield Inn & Suites.  

Q: Where can I get food or other supplies off-site?
A: Also in Weirton, WV, there are a variety of restaurants and stores, including McDonalds, Wendy's,  Eat N' Park, and Sheetz (a local chain gas station open 24/7). There is also a 24 hour Walmart for anyone needing last minute supplies.

Q: Where is the closest hospital if there is an emergency?
A: The Weirton Medical Center is located less than 20 minutes away. The award-winning University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is located about 1 hour from the campsite. 

Q: What are the camp site facilities like?
A. Cabins are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, except for buildings that are in a specific location In-Game. The cabins are two or four man cabins with beds that are wire springs or plywood boards with no mattresses, so please bring bedding. This is a summer camp site so there is no heat! There will only be one electrical outlet and light in each cabin. (Note: Heaters are not permitted.) It can get very cold at this site at night, especially during early spring or late fall events. We suggest bringing extra blankets, even if it looks like it will be warm enough. Also, the bathrooms and showers are in their own individual facilities. Please note that our campsite does not allow bird seed packets.

Q: Will Google get me to the site?
A: Kind of! Google will get your to the ranger station located at the entrance to the park. There will be signs to get you to the individual camp. There are also directions and maps on the Locations page here. 

F.A.Q. By Parents

Q: Is LARP Safe?

A: Larping is just like playing a sport, and with any sport there is a chance for injury. The most common injuries are sprains, strains and twists. We have trained staff on-site ready to handle these types of injuries. Should additional medical attention be necessary, our campsite is less than 15 miles from the nearest hospital. Should your child need medical attention, you will be notified immediately via the contact info provided on the medical release form. 

Q: What kind of people LARP?

A: There are many different kinds of LARP players. The majority of our core staff are adult professionals, many of whom also have children.

Q: I have more questions, can I contact someone?

A: Yes, we are happy to answer parent questions any time. Please email us at prolarp.gm@gmail.com. And don't forget to check out our Parent FAQ on the New Players page.  

F.A.Q. By Out of Chapter Players

Q: Can I use my bird seed packets?

A: No. Bird seed packets are not allowed by our camp site. we are ask that players make packets containing biodegradable airsoft pellets. The packets must still fit into a 35mm film canister and be loosely packed. We recommend 6mm (size) and .12g (weight) and about a 1/2 tbs in each. Player packets will be checked for safety at the events, along with weapon checks. 

Q: Who are the local nobility? What are the laws of the area?

A: For questions about our world's atmosphere, please visit the In Game section of the website. We also have a New Adventurer's Guide for in-game information about the world.

Q: What is your average attendance?

​A: Our average event attendance is approx. 35-45 players.