Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization


Kris Hayes

Kris Moore

Will Lindsay

Shane Dugan

John Gillen

Ashley Puhlman

Ron Goldie

AJ Vento


Kris Hayes (General Manager)​​
Kris Moore (Assistant General Manager)

They can help with just about anything, or direct you toward the person who can!

Plot Director
Todd Sylvester (Head of Plot)
If you have questions about the world of Pro, especially about creating a backstory to fit the world, please talk to him!

Kris Hayes (Head Marshal)
Todd Sylvester
AJ Vento
Ron Goldie
Will Lindsay

Shane Dugan

Kris Moore
If you have a rules question, please talk to one of them! If a marshal makes a ruling on the field, that ruling is now law, even if you disagree with it, until the mod/situation is over and you can then argue your case. They are also the people who will help new players build characters before the game starts.

Player Representation
Ron Goldie
Will Lindsay

​Ashley Puhlman

Laura Gensamer
If you are in any way not having fun, please talk to one of them! Whether it’s an in- or out-of-game situation, they are there to make sure you’re having a good time.

Kris Hayes
Jason Coles

​John Gillen
If you have any kind of injury, illness, or allergic reaction, please talk to one of them! They are fully trained first responders and are there to keep us safe.

EMT call
The call for an EMT is very simple! It’s “EMT.” Not medic, not healer, specifically E M T. When you hear that call, stop everything and drop to a knee or crouch immediately. The only person standing during an EMT call should be the person standing directly next to the injured person, waving their arms and yelling “EMT.”

Site Manager
Shane Dugan

(Will Lindsay) if Shane is event director. ​​
The site manager deals with things like toilet paper in bathrooms, garbage bags, hazard marking, etc. If there’s a site issue, you guessed it! Please talk to the site manager.

Smoking is ONLY allowed on concrete ground surfaces, specifically the concrete porch behind tavern at both sites. Police your butts. If we find cigarette butts on the ground, there will be no more smoking at Pro, period. If you are under 21, you may NOT smoke at Pro and will be asked to leave if you break this rule. 

There will be glowsticks marking hazards on site - tree stumps, ditches in the roads, rabbit holes, anything you might trip over in the middle of the night. If you see a hazard that isn’t marked, tell the site manager.

Every PC has to do a cleanup per event, and get their sheet signed by the site manager. If your sheet is not signed, you do not get xp for the event, and may be asked not to return. Teamwork makes the dream work, everyone has to do their part to make sure we always have a site to come back to.

If you are NPCing the event, your cleanup is to help pack up NPC Shack after game off. If you cannot stay until game off, please speak with the site manager.

Bitter End
Cleanup: Ultimate Edition. PCs and NPCs may assist with “Bitter End” cleanup for additional Pro Points on Sunday morning (or Monday morning on a three-day). Pro Points received will vary by number of players cleaning up, and by the size of the site.

You will be assigned tasks by the site manager and work with other players to make sure our site is better after we leave than it was when we arrived! If you are Bitter Ending, you are not required to do a cleanup during the event, but you then MUST be at Bitter End to get xp for the event.


Will Lindsay

There will sometimes be photos taken at Pro. If you do not want to be photographed, or can't be photographed for work/safety/etc, please talk to the photographer. You can request that all photos taken of you be deleted or cropped, or that the camera not even be out around you (if there's a work/safety concern) - or that they do take photos of you and your friends doing something cool!

Photos will be sent to you for approval before they're posted anywhere unless you auto-approve all of them by talking to the photographer at an event or online, and no one may tag anyone but themselves on social media.

Game Mechanics and Information

We have a tap-out signal at Pro: middle and pointer fingers crossed over your chest. If things get too intense, you can always quietly make the signal and remove yourself from the scene. (If you see someone make the signal, let them leave.)

A player rep may check on you later to make sure everything is ok. You don’t HAVE to speak to the player rep, but they are there for that reason.

If you remove yourself from a mod or interaction, you are removed from play and cannot come back on until the mod or interaction is resolved.

Hold Rule
If you hear “HOLD” yelled, echo the call (yell “Hold” loudly as well), stop what you’re doing and drop to a knee. “HOLD” can mean there’s an immediate danger, or someone got hurt or lost their glasses etc, or that there’s something happening in-game that has to be explained. You may not continue play until a “Lay On” has been called (“Any reason for this hold to continue? Hearing none, 3, 2, 1, LAY ON.” The “Lay On” call is also echoed).

If there is a situation where a full hold is unnecessary but there is a potential danger (someone’s about to back into a rabbit hole, etc), a call of “Caution!” is appropriate. This will stop combat for about 10 feet in every direction, and will allow you to tell the person they are at risk. Once the danger has been resolved, you may immediately continue playing.

Physical Roleplay
We have a “consent to touch” rule at Pro. That means before you touch anyone, ever, even if you had permission in the past, you have to ask. This usually comes in the form of “do you consent to physical roleplay?” A person can ask what you’re going to do and decide based on that, although many of our players will just say “yes” automatically. Some will not, which is why you have to ask.

Important: you may ALWAYS say no to physical roleplay, and you will NEVER be looked down on or retaliated against, in or out of game, for saying no. It’s very important to us that all our players are comfortable and feel secure. 

If you want to “rogue” cabins for in-game items, you MUST have a marshal with you - specifically an NPC marshal. Anything stolen without a marshal present will be considered out of game theft and you will be asked not to return to Pro. If your in-game items are “stolen,” the physical representations will be returned to you as soon as possible.

If there is a fire burning, there MUST be a person there watching it. Fire, coals, even slightly smoking wood - if you’re leaving it, it better be cool to the touch. If this is neglected, fires will no longer be an option at Pro.

The kitchen in tavern is always out of game. If you are in the kitchen when combat begins in the tavern area, you will not be allowed to reenter game until the situation is resolved. Retrieving water or food from the fridges is not considered to be out-of-game, but getting or cooking food in the kitchen is.

Night Raids
We have an opt-out for night raids. If you for medical reasons (physical or psychiatric - we will not ask you for the reason) can’t have your cabin attacked in the middle of the night, let the event director know, and put an “M” in duct tape on your cabin door. You must leave your character sheet with someone who is sleeping in-game and you will be “Fate of Party” - if that person dies in the night, so do you. This is to represent the character being in danger without putting the PLAYER in danger. Likewise, if you are sleeping off-site, you must leave your character sheet with someone who is staying on-site and you will be Fate of Party.

Note (similar to the touch rule one): You may ALWAYS opt out of night raids, and you will NEVER be looked down on or retaliated against, in or out of game, for using this mechanic. We have staff who have medical sleep issues and opt out of night raids!

No drugs are allowed at Pro. Raccoon is a dry site, so that includes alcohol. If you have controlled or prescription meds, let the GM know (the GM also fills an EMT role and may need to know for emergency reasons). NEVER drink or do illegal drugs on-site, or get drunk/high off-site and come back to play. We will call the police if we find that illegal drugs have been brought to Pro.

Character Sheet
When the event is over, make sure you put your sheet in the sheet box. If you don’t, you will not receive xp for the event, and may have deaths added to your sheet, because we have no way of knowing whether or not you died at the event unless we have your sheet!

One last thing: WELCOME TO PRO!

Opening Ceremonies

Laura Gensamer

Jason Coles

Todd Sylvester