Group room rates are available at the Holiday Inn and Fairfield Inn & Suites located less then 20 minutes away in Weirton, WV.  The Holiday Inn is the preferred hotel with rates as low as $125.00 per night. Use the code LAR when making your reservation. For more information on the Holiday Inn, click here

PRO 2016 Regional Event Information

Space for this event is limited to 130 PC's sleeping on site. To guarantee your spot, advanced registration and payment is required. 

Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization


Space is Limited!

Hotel Information

Thank you for your interest in attending PRO's 2016 Regional NERO event on Memorial Day weekend, May 27 - 30. This page is dedicated to information about this event. If you have any questions, please contact us at Questions about plot or other in-game matters, should be directed to the regional plot staff at


Birdseed packets ARE NOT ALLOWED at Raccoon Creek State Park Events. Packets must be made of airsoft pellets (biodegradable preferred). Pellets should be 6mm in size and .12g in weight. Each packet should contain 1/2 tbs or approx. 35 pellets. Packets will be checked for safety along with standard weapon safety checks. Pellet packets may be available for purchase during the event. Players making pellet packets specifically for use at our chapter, may turn in their remaining packets at the end of the event for goblin stamps. 


ALL players who participate at PRO events are REQUIRED to do a 30 minute clean up in addition to cleaning up their own personal space. This 30 minute clean up can only be given to players by the designated Site Manager(s) or the kitchen staff. Clean up duties include, but are not limited to: packet pick up, mod area clean up, meal prep/clean up, trash pick up, etc. Clean ups may be done at any point during the event or after the event has ended. Traveling players should consider doing their clean up in the mornings or around meal times so that they can leave at a timely manner on Monday morning.  This clean up must be signed off on your character sheet by the person issuing your clean up. Event and other PRO staff do NOT have the ability to assign clean up.  Failure to participate in clean up is a violation of the NERO Sportsmanship Policy and may result in banning from future PRO or other NERO sponsored events.

Raccoon Creek State Park is a summer style camp site with warm weather amenities. Cabins are assigned on a first come fist serve basis. The National Plot Staff will be issuing cabin assignments for this event. The majority of the cabins are two or four man cabins with beds that are wire springs or plywood boards with NO MATTRESSES, please bring bedding. This is a summer camp site so there is no heat! And there is only one electrical outlet and light in each cabin. (Note: Heaters are NOT permitted) It can get very cold at this site at night, especially during early spring events. It is suggested to bring extra blankets. In May, there can be a temperature difference of 20-30 degrees between day and evening hours.  Also, the bathrooms are in their own individual out houses. Reminder - our camp site does not allow bird seed packets!!

Parking at Raccoon Creek State park is limited. PRO has rented an additional area for parking during the event. We are asking that players carpool to accommodate the amount of players expected for the event. The additional parking area is not within walking distance. Groups will be allowed ONE car in the main parking lot for transportation to additional sleep quarters or off site. PRO will be asking for vehicle information upon check in, should your vehicle need to be moved for any reason.


Food will be available for players during full game days. There are 3 meals and 1 snack each full day. Food is provided at no charge. We will do our best to accommodate all types of diets and allergies. Please notify is in advance if you have any major allergies. If you need to cook yourself, the kitchen is available on a limited basis and you must provide your own cooking utensils. In addition, there are a variety of restaurants located in Weirton, WV, including McDonalds, Wendy's, Sheetz and Eat N' Park (a local chain open 24/7). There is also a 24 hour Walmart for anyone needing last minute supplies.


Event check in will begin no later then 7:00pm. Check in will be open until approx. 10:00pm in the main tavern area. There will be several check in lines available to make the process go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Players who register in the database and pay in advance will have the smoothest check in process. Please register in advance for this event!! Check in will reopen after Opening Ceremonies in the NPC Shack. 

All players are required to have their clean up signed off on before checking out of the event. Once the sheet is signed, players can place all character sheets in the Sheet Box located in the kitchen area. All sheets must be placed in the box in order for our character records manager to update the information. Failure to turn in your character sheet may result in late event processing, with regards to bank transfers, deposits, goblin stamps and experience.

PRO requires all players to complete a Medical/Legal release form in order to participate. Please find it here. We have a staff photographer who will be taking photos at the event. PRO will use these photos for marking purposes. If you do not wish to have your photo taken, a request must be submitted, in writing, along with your release form. 


Banking may only be done during designated times during the event - Check in, Check Out, and mid-day logistics. NPC characters will NOT take bank transactions. Large withdrawls MUST be registered in advance for this event. PRO reserves the right to pay transfers with plat, gems, gold bars, evaluate items, etc. based on the amount of coin we have on hand for the event. Anyone willing to turn in coins for this event will receive a 9 to 1 discount when depositing during player's check in. We are asking all Out of Chapter players to please turn the coin in at the end of the event with a Marshal for deposit into your bank.  


PRO has it's own Transform and Golem packages. Please find them HERE. These are the ONLY stat cards that will be available for use during the Regional Event. You may NOT use a stat card that is not from this system. All Transforms must be approved by the General Manager prior to the event. Transform submissions must be made via email to by May 6, 2016. Players who do not submit their transform cards by the deadline will NOT be allowed to use their transform. NO EXCEPTIONS!! For this event, there will be no self-invoking of transforms. Transforms will go active ONLY at Plot's discretion.  

Players who have a Curse of Transformation may be allowed to use the curse effects, with plot approval. Again, all Curse of Transformation stats must be provided to the General Manager or Regional Event Staff ( by May 6, 2016.


Players with craftsman skills or specific things, skills, facts, etc. that you would like the Plot staff to be aware of must also email the Regional Event staff at with these specific details by May 6, 2016. Plot will attempt to work with these items, but there are no guarantees that things will fit into the plot outline for the weekend.  

LCO Items

PRO runs a very standard NERO game. Thus, players will not be allowed to use any items with non-standard, illegal, or LCO effects. Players found using items that are not legal at PRO will be asked to remove them from play. The ONLY exception to this rule, is if the item was given out by the Regional Event Staff specifically for use during this event. 


PRO's marshals are trained in the rules of NERO with an extensive written test, along with a practical during game test. PRO's marshals will have the FINAL say in all matter related to game play during PRO events. While we understand that every chapter may do things a little differently, our marshal's will make the call on the field, and that call will be considered the final ruling. Players who disagree with a marshal call are welcome to discuss it with that marshal or the General Manager after the encounter is over. PRO Marshal's have the right to remove players from the encounter or event site at their discretion, for their safety, as well as the safety of others around them. 

PRO reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, anytime, for any reason.​​